What Makes us Different than Other Law Firms?

Several years ago, I noticed law firms were charging outrageous fees to people, and on top of that, they were being staffed primarily by paralegals and were using outdated technology.  Believing quality immigration services should be available to more people, and that attorneys should awaken from the Stone Age,  I started designing my own software – since there were no adequate options on the market.

After many years of development, our software now gives us a lightning-fast and reliable way of preparing cases, easy communication tools for clients, and streamlined administrative components for an attorney-client relationship.  As a result, our rates are much lower than customary, and we frequently are hired by people from other states who refused to pay the high amounts quoted to them by traditional law firms.

I began with our flagship site, LegalResident.com, which helps us process permanent residency applications for family members.  After the success of this site, I developed other niche sites to offer affordable legal services in other specialty areas.  This now includes K1VisaNow.com (for fiancé(e) visas), MyCardRenewal.com (for green card upgrades and renewals), and CitizenStatus.com (for naturalization applications).

I feel blessed that our software allows me more time to focus on the strategy of each case and communicate frequently with my clients, my favorite aspects of the job.

We are honored to work with individuals and families from different locations and cultures, as well as those from the LGBT community.  I invite you to contact us for a free attorney consultation so that we can be an asset for your family’s immigration process.




Michael McCarroll